"Contractor of the Year" Award

This project earned the 2003 Contractor of the Year Award for Interiors


The client wanted a better use of the existing space within their master suite to incorporate a "family room", bathroom, separate closets, a laundry room, and a more private master bedroom space. The client also wanted to get rid of the fireplace in the upstairs suite as it limited their options in too many ways. They wanted the bathroom to remain fairly large and inviting, but not be so cold.

This took a major rearrangement of all the upstairs rooms in the master suite. We moved the bedroom to the back of the master suite, moved the closets over to the other side of the new bedroom, enlarged and upgraded the bathroom, created a small laundry room off the newly created "family room." We kept the bath large, but with tile details and granite used on both sides of the room, it became one area that is warm and comfortable. We also installed a bay window with a customized, usable window seat.


  • Removal of bearing wall in master bedroom; we bolted sixteen (yes, 16) 22' microlam beams to the bottom chord of the scissor trusses so we could eliminate the wall through center of space, giving a more open feeling and offering more choices in wall placement.
  • Small room with low ceilings at one end forced that area to be a closet area where we created a storage space at the lowest points for client's suitcases. This utilized that space without infringing on the primary purpose of the room: her closet.
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